RioFresh At-Home Meal Kits


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RioFresh At-Home Meal Kits

RioFresh At-Home Meal Kits

Learn new techniques and concepts about food preparation in the comfort of your home kitchen! RioFresh at-home meal kits are educational in nature and provide a wonderful meal for four people (unless otherwise specified). Even better, you will be able to recreate the meal in the future with your new culinary skills and knowledge.

Ingredient kits are for pick-up only (no delivery currently) at Rio Salado College’s Tempe campus at 2323 W. 14th Street, Tempe, AZ  85281.

How it Works

  1. Go to Eventbrite at the link below to browse and register for RioFresh At-Home Meal Kits.
  2. Your registration includes all the necessary food ingredients and a recipe card (to be picked up at Rio Salado College's Cafe in Tempe). Meal kits are available for pick up at the times listed in the Eventbrite posting for each event.
  3. Depending on the topic, you may receive an email with links to videos that highlight major steps in the recipe process. Not all topics include videos, please check the detailed description within each RioFresh posting.
  4. Follow along with the recipe card to make the dish(es) in the comfort of your own home kitchen at a time convenient for you.
  5. Bon Appetit!

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