Sustainable Food Systems Programs


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Sustainable Food Systems Programs

Sustainable Food Systems curriculum is designed for students with diverse interests in sustainable food careers. Graduates will gain a foundational understanding of the impact of agricultural practices and policies on ecosystems, economies and human cultures. Courses include concepts supporting contemporary food movements, which focus on local and global food systems. In addition, courses will cover careers in sustainable food systems, fundamentals of sustainability, basic nutrition, organic foods production, community garden concepts, food preparation laws and sanitation guidelines, basic principles and techniques for sustainable cooking, and food practices, attitudes and beliefs of different cultures.

Watch these videos, then check out the links below to learn about available programs.


Rio Salado College's Sustainable Food Systems graduates talk about the flexibility and accessibility of the program and how it has helped them in their current pursuits.

Certificate and Degree Programs

Certificate of Completion in Sustainable Food Systems

Associate in Applied Science in Sustainable Food Systems

Workforce Development: Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems