Early College


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Start College in High School

You can start earning college credit while you're still in high school through Rio Salado College’s Early College programs. We bring college to you by offering online classes and a variety of college services at your high school.

Dual Enrollment Classes

Classes are held on your high school campus and taught by your high school teachers during the regular school day. Teachers are college-certified and use college curriculum and college-level textbooks.

Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Classes

Choose a class from Rio Salado's 595+ online classes. After you get approval from your high school, you can earn high school and college credit when you complete the class. To participate, you'll need to get prior approval from your high school and submit a special admission form.

Concurrent Enrollment

Start Earning College Credits Now

Early College opportunities let you:

  • Earn college credits from the first and largest dual enrollment program in the state
  • Save money - Rio Salado classes are a fraction of the cost of universities
  • Be stress free - Credits transfer to the in-state university of your choice and many out-of-state colleges and universities
  • Access scholarships based on financial need
  • Save time - finish college earlier than many of your peers

Accredited Education

Rio Salado College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Students are generally successful in transferring courses to colleges and universities outside of Arizona. It is recommended that you confirm the transferability of each community college course with your intended out-of-state college.