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Assessment of Student Learning

Rio Salado College focuses on assessment-directed improvement by gathering evidence of student learning to evaluate the teaching and learning process. We believe that 1) learning is the primary purpose of assessment; 2) assessment should lead to improvement and not be an end unto itself; and 3) faculty and students who understand the value of assessment and participate in assessment activities benefit most from this work. Therefore, the College expects every individual to participate fully in this effort.

Student Learning Outcomes

Rio Salado College is committed to the assessment and improvement of the following College-wide Student Learning Outcomes:

Program Review

The Program Review Model at Rio Salado College is a formal iterative process of self-study, evaluation, and planning completed by Academic and Occupational programs in consultation with the Learning Assessment Team. Programs are typically reviewed on a 3-5 year cycle, and Program Chairs are responsible for closing the loop on recommendations and decisions that surface during the review.

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Assessment of Student Learning Annual Reports

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