Male Empowerment Network (MEN)


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Male Empowerment Network (MEN)

The Male Empowerment Network (MEN) connects and assists male minority community college students with enrollment, degree completion and university transfer. The group promotes mutual support in personal and professional development and academic success among its members who are from varied backgrounds.

MEN is an opportunity for you to network with other students, share challenges, ideas and be empowered as a student and beyond. Membership is open to Rio Salado students who are currently enrolled in at least six credit hours. Group guidance is provided by a Rio Salado College advisor.

Maricopa District MENS Page

Join Us

Join MEN to help further a culture of success and empowerment among group members. 

As a Rio Salado chapter MEN member, you'll have opportunities to:

  • Network with other minority male college students
  • Attend informational sessions about financial aid, scholarship opportunities, careers, leadership and study skills
  • Learn about available academic and professional support resources and services
  • Be a part of activities in the larger Maricopa Community Colleges network that promotes leadership and academic success through conferences, workshops and other activities

MEN is free to join. Contact us for more information or to join.

Liaison and Advisor
Michael Ross
(480) 377-4258

Scholarships Available