Step 1: Get Admitted & Complete Enrollment Tasks


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Step 1: Get Admitted & Complete Enrollment Tasks

Student Admissions Application

Complete the online admissions application to set-up your student account. Make sure to select Rio Salado College as your “Primary College” and write down your MEID & password. 

Once you submit your completed application, you will get your official:

  • Student ID
  • MEID (your Username)
  • Official College email

Once admitted, take the necessary steps to set up Duo, a two-factor authentication system, which will grant you access to Maricopa student systems. For information on getting started and Duo security requirements, visit

Be sure to save your Student ID, MEID, and password for future use.

If you are a first-time dual enrollment Student, click the button below to begin the application process.

NOTE: In order to get admitted and register for courses students will be required to submit a self-reported, unweighted high school GPA of 2.0 or greater. Students unable to self-report a high school GPA of 2.0 will take the EdReady Reading assessment with a recommended score of 75 or higher. This policy will not impact placement requirements for individual course(s).

Start Student Admissions Application

After completing your application, all new students must complete the All-in-One Enrollment Requirements Form.

All-In-One Enrollment Requirements Form

This form includes identification verification, FERPA access (allows student information be released to parents and/or guardians) and Proxy access (allows parents/guardians to register students in dual enrollment courses on the student's behalf).
To complete the form, click below and log in with your MEID and password.

All-In-One Enrollment Requirements Form

***Please do not submit again if you have already submitted the All-in-One Enrollment Requirement form.