Student Email Instructions


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Student Email Instructions

Your student email is available for use immediately after you apply for admission. It uses free, web-based Google Gmail for your email service and can be accessed on most devices, including cellphones.

Your email address is your MEID as shown in the following example:

FAQs About Using Student Email

Student Email Instructions

An MEID is an assigned username you use to access the online Student Center at Your student MEID is unrelated to your social security number. 

You can email your instructor using the Contact Your Instructor link on your course home page.

RioLearn Login

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Log in to Student Email

Access Email Online

Access From RioLearn

You can access your MCCstudent email by clicking the email icon at the top-right corner of RioLearn: 

RioLearn Example


Access Email from

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down on the page and click the Student Email option (
  3. Sign in to email using your USER ID (MEID) and Password.
    • Your User ID is your MEID (for example, ANN.
    • Your Password is the same as the password you use to access your Student Center.

Refer to the Helpdesk for assistance with your MCC student email account.

How to forward your student email to other email addresses

How to us Google email, calendar and other Goggle.