RockEnrollment (In-person)


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Girl with headphones, RockEnroll Day

Are you interested in enrolling at Rio Salado College? Get ready because we are plugging in the amp and cranking up the dial for Rock Enrollment 2024! On Tuesday, June 25, we will have individual sessions to help make your enrollment process smoother by delivering personalized services, answering your questions, and providing helpful information.

Enrollment Made Easy

By attending a session, you’ll gain access to its expert staff and fantastic services that simplify enrollment.

Advantages of attending

  • Start, continue or finish the enrollment process
  • Secure your preferred classes and times
  • Find out if you qualify to pay your tuition with a Presidents’ Honors Scholarship
  • Experience personalized enrollment services
  • Make payment arrangements
  • Relax knowing you're on the right track for the start of the semester
  • Upcoming Event
    • to
  • Cost
  • Location

    Rio Salado College (Tower building)


  • Address

    2323 W. 14th St., Tempe, AZ