Standing Together: Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Community


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Standing Together; Photo of speaker: Ally Snow

Join us for "Standing Together: Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Community," on Wednesday, June 26, from 1-2 p.m. at the Rio Salado College Conference Center Yellow/Brown Room (1st floor of Conference Center). President, Kate Smith will welcome attendees before introducing our guest speaker, Ally Snow.

Ally is a fervent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights with over 15 years of experience across education, social services, and holistic wellness. She plays a crucial role in Equality Maricopa and the Women’s Networking Group at Rio Salado College, where she champions Diversity, Education, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives. During her presentation, Ally will discuss effective strategies for fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity in higher education and beyond.

The event will conclude with a Q&A session, giving participants a chance to engage directly with Ally and explore deeper insights into creating supportive environments. Join us in promoting a culture where every employee feels valued and included.

This event is proudly presented by Rio Salado's DEIB Council, committed to advancing a culture of inclusivity and recognition of diversity in all its forms.

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