Steering Your Path Forward


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Seek to Inspire - Student Success Series!

Finding Strength and Purpose Through Self-Discovery

College is a critical time when most students discover who they are and determine their future direction. To inspire you and give you the tools and mindset to succeed, we invite you to attend three online events featuring uplifting speakers. The sessions are free—simply register for the ones you wish to attend.

Steering Your Path Forward

Join Dr. Cassandra Aska, the Deputy Vice-President of Student Services at Arizona State University, for this session on strengthening your sense of self.

You are approaching the end of the semester and potentially another chapter in life. To arrive here means you made a series of decisions within your sphere of influence. Moving forward benefits from reflecting on those decisions:

  • How did I live my life day-to-day?
  • Whom did I choose to surround myself with?
  • Where was my focus—or did I lack focus?
  • and more

These reflections will lead to determining where the gains were to sharpen your decision-making going into this next semester or a new chapter in life. Your time in this session will reflect and expand your sphere of influence in support of your continued journey in life.

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