Virtual Transfer Fair


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Virtual Transfer Fair

Ready to plug your Rio Salado College or other community college credits into a four-year degree at an Arizona university? Join us at this upcoming Virtual Transfer Fair to learn about the various routes you can take, whether you are taking a few classes now, preparing for college or completing a degree or general education certificate in near future.

ASU, NAU, UA, GCU, and SNHU are among the schools who will be participating in this event. They will be in attendance to answer your questions about the transfer process and help you understand how your Rio classes will transfer. Representatives can also discuss goals, majors, and how to navigate your next steps - whether you are just starting college or planning to graduate this year. Starting at Rio Salado College and later transferring to a university provides cost-savings to students. Transfer agreements between Rio Salado College, the Maricopa County Community College District and our partner universities means that students who follow a prescribed outline of coursework that has been pre-approved by an educational partner can be assured that all of their credits will transfer when they’re ready to move on to the university. 

This session is open to students of all ages. All students - and future students - of the Maricopa County Community College District are welcome to attend.

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