Where Are They Now Alumni Profile -- Meet Nico Bojorquez


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Thursday, September 30, 2021
photo of Nico Bojorquez. text: Where Are They Now Alumni Profile -- Meet Nico Bojorquez

Where Are They Now Alumni Profile -- Meet Nico Bojorquez

In 2017, Nico Bojorquez was working for Cox Communications when he learned about the company’s educational partnership with Rio Salado College. The corporate partnership allows employees to earn college credits while also gaining industry-specific training.

The result gives employees a leg up on future career options while also creating a more knowledgeable and employable workforce.

“The choice was easy for me in attending Rio Salado,” Bojorquez said. “Learning from home was wonderful. I have a family of five and preferred to do school on my own time. Rio Salado and I were a match made in heaven.”

Bojorquez decided to take advantage of the Rio-Cox partnership to expand his career opportunities.  

“I decided to return to school because a college degree simply gives you an opportunity to reach your highest and fullest potential,” Bojorquez said. “I am very happy with my decision to go back to school.”

While a fan of the flexibility of Rio’s online classes, Bojorquez was especially thankful for the support he received along the way. 

“Of course, I had to be disciplined with my studies, but I always had support,” Bojorquez said. “My instructors and my student advisor were always available, attentive to my needs, and offered assistance with a detailed plan for success. I never felt alone in my journey.”

In 2020, Bojorquez completed his associate degree in applied science, during the height of Covid-19.

“I graduated with my associate last year during the pandemic,” said Bojorquez, who is a native of Glendale, AZ. “I was so happy Rio Salado did not allow the pandemic to ruin the celebration my class had achieved.”

Next up for Bojorquez is completing a bachelor’s degree.

“Rio Salado prepared me for the leadership role I have with Cox and laid the foundation for me to pursue a degree in Business Management from Grand Canyon University,” Bojorquez said.

“Once I obtain my bachelor’s, I look forward to promoting into a process management role within Cox Communications.”

Bojorquez encourages others considering going back to school to take a chance and believe in themselves.

“I would encourage all students out there to never give up, no matter the circumstance,” Bojorquez said. “Rio Salado will give you all the support you will need. I owe it all to Rio Salado for giving me hope and an opportunity to earn my education under my terms.”

For now, Bojorquez takes one day at a time, and relishes the skills he has acquired over the last three years.

“The education I obtained from Rio prepared me with soft skills, presentation skills, public speaking and of course knowledge,” Bojorquez said. “I was challenged in many different ways and have grown as a person and professionally thanks to time at Rio Salado College.”

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