Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Shaweta Vasudeva: from student to faculty


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Thursday, April 8, 2021
Where Are They Now Shay Vasudeva

Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Shaweta Vasudeva: from student to faculty

In 2013, Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva came to Rio Salado College for an educational program to complement her prior degrees in Psychology.

She enrolled in Rio’s online Addictions and Substance Use Disorders associate degree program, which allowed her to continue working full-time as a counselor.

“Online learning was an interesting adjustment but very doable,” Vasudeva said. “Once I adjusted, I enjoyed it. My instructors were responsive, and the course content was very organized. I ended up enjoying the flexibility combined with the academic challenge.”

Today, Vasudeva is busy as an adjunct faculty for her alma mater and an entrepreneur.

She teaches Introduction to Psychology (PSY101) and Psychology and Culture (PSY132), a course she helped co-develop, for Rio’s Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies department.

So, what is it like teaching for Rio Salado College?

“I enjoy it!” Vasudeva said. “As an alum, I am familiar with Rio’s online format, so that was a seamless fit. Just like when I was a student, I structure my teaching time during the week. I also know how important it is to be timely and professional in my responses for student success.”

She especially enjoys teaching Psychology and Culture (PSY132).

“I was born in India and raised in the U.S., in a traditional Indian household,” Vasudeva said. “Being from both cultures is rewarding and I get to share that in PSY132. I also get to experience other students’ cultures and perspectives.”

She added, “It is such an interesting class and platform to discuss vital topics such as diversity and inclusion, equity, and equanimity while covering the research and best practices on the subject matter. I am honored to teach it!”

Vasudeva has recently been chosen to participate in the first cohort for the Teaching Effectiveness for Adjuncts at Maricopa (TEAM) fellowship. 

The program is a partnership between the Association of College and University Educators and the Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation. 

Vasudeva also has her own business, ShayTheCoach, where she uses an interdisciplinary approach to help clients become the best version of themselves through corrective exercise, nutritional coaching and cranial sacral work.

She has recently added a writing element to her business, launching ShayTheCoachWriting.

“With the current events surrounding COVID-19 pandemic, I spent much of 2020 writing a mind-set-based book that I’m now editing,” Vasudeva said. “It’s full of techniques and tools to help readers stay focused on health-related goals and cultivate a positive mind-set.”

Vasudeva aspires to help her students be their best selves.

“My aspirations at Rio are to continue teaching and supporting student success through the help of my department, Rio’s student services and an innovative approach to learning.” 


Contributed by Mira Radovich, Rio Salado College PR & Marketing Analyst