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Ask an Advisor - What is course applicability?

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Ask an Advisor - What is course applicability?

If you are a degree-seeking student using financial aid, you may receive emails regarding course applicability. Here is more information regarding course applicability. It states that a course can be paid for with federal financial assistance only if the course applies to the program. This means taking classes that don’t apply to your degree will not be paid for with your financial aid.

There are some exceptions: if a course requires a prerequisite such as a refresher math or English class, those courses would be covered. Another exception will be if you are retaking a course that you previously may not have passed or withdrew from.

You can also still take a course you're interested in that is not in your degree program. In that case, you would need to fund the course yourself.

You can access your degree progress report in the Student Center to determine which classes are required for your degree or certificate. Your degree progress report shows which classes are required, while courses that don't apply will be at the bottom of the report. Instructions on how to run your degree progress report can be found online.

Your academic advisor is here to help! We can determine what courses you should take and what courses apply to your degree plan. We are here to help you succeed and ensure you are not taking any classes you don’t need. To find your advisor, log into your RioLearn page and look at the right hand column. There, you can view your advisor's email, phone number, and an appointment schedule. If you have not yet been assigned an advisor, call (480) 517-8580 or email

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