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Get Ready for the Rio Salado College Roadtrip!

photo of 3 Rio Salado College students standing next to a RV looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. Text: Roadtrip Nation

Get Ready for the Rio Salado College Roadtrip!

Rio Students Hit the Road to Answer the Ultimate Career Conundrum

In today’s pandemic world, hitting the road may be the best way to take a trip. A road trip lends itself to avoiding crowds and enjoying the freeing experience of leaving the everyday behind.

And while they say a trip is about the journey and not the destination, for three Rio Salado College students, the destination has life-changing potential.

Last fall, the three students embarked on a 15-day journey to meet and interview successful college alumni, get advice, and learn about different careers and industries.

The trip was part of the college’s partnership with Roadtrip Nation and Strada Collaborative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower learners by providing career experiences that lead to equitable education and employment pathways.

For 19 years, Roadtrip Nation has sent students on the road in their trademark green RVs to take journeys of self-discovery and interview leaders from all walks of life.

The interviews are recorded and packaged into videos, career stories and podcasts available at Roadtrip Nation to help others trying to answer that age-old question, “What should I do with my life?

According to Roadtrip Nation, “In 2001, we hit the road to get advice from people who'd found fulfilling work. Their wisdom taught us there's no right way to build a career—that there were actually endless unique paths to take.”

In addition to the three students who hit the road, Roadtrip Nation arranged for three Rio Salado students to conduct interviews with alumni in their field of interest. 

So, who are the three Rio Salado College roadtrippers? Where did their road trip take them? Who are the alumni interviewed and what career advice did they share?

Stay tuned to find out! 

We will profile our adventure seekers and inspiring alumni in the coming weeks, culminating in the premiere of Roadtrip Nation’s Rio Salado College Roadtrip documentary film in March.

By Mira Radovich, Senior Contributing Writer

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