You Belong on Rio Connect: Your Online Community


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022
screenshot of RioLearn student resources menu

New to Rio Salado? 

As a Rio Wave, you can now access Rio Connect, an online community for all Rio students - those seeking a degree or certificate and those taking a class or two. Once there, chat with other students, ask questions about online learning or classes, or share study tips.

Read what student said about the Rio Connect community:

“[RioConnect] helps me connect to students like me who I would not connect with otherwise. Sometimes I have questions or experiences that I need assistance or guidance with and it is nice to have a forum to reach out to.”

Joining is easy.  It starts in your Rio Learn Portal – where you log into classes. Click on “online community” under Student Resources. You can introduce yourself, explore past discussions, read about organizations, see job opportunities and more! You can also download the mobile app, available for both iOS and Android! From the mobile app, you can ask and answer questions and you’ll get notifications about new activity in your community.

We hope you take advantage of this free resource. Best of all, it’s available 24/7.

Learn more through the Online Community tab under Resources in RioLearn.

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