Rio Salado College Launches Free Career Change Workshops


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Monday, January 30, 2023
Background image of a woman smiling with blue overlay. Text: 4 Steps to a New Meaningful Career

Open to all community members, these events are designed to help you transition into your first career or make a career change.

What does it mean to have a personal brand? What’s the best way to search for a job? How do I prepare a resume or get ready for an interview?

Rio Salado students, alumni, and community members are invited to take part in a series of four workshops starting in February: 4 Steps to a Meaningful New Career.

These engaging sessions are designed to answer these questions and more. Led by a 20-year educator with experience as a director of career services, an academic advisor/career, and a professional personal development coach, participants will take away steps and ideas to use immediately to make their next career move.

“Everyone asks the question, ‘what next?’ but often doesn’t know where to start,” said Rio Salado College’s Career Services Supervisor Carole Redden, who will lead the workshops. “The series was designed to give participants the tools and resources needed to change careers with confidence!”

These engaging sessions are FREE and open to Rio Salado students and alumni as well as community members. They are offered live online via Webex from 1:30-2:45 p.m.

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February 14: Personal Branding

  • Understand what a personal brand is
  • Describe your personal brand
  • Identify dream employers and their brands
  • Determine if your brand aligns with their brands
  • Identify actions to increase alignment between your brand and your dream employer’s brand


February 21: Job Search Strategies

  • Understand what to do before, during, and after your search to save time and focus on the employers that most align with your brand
  • Understand how to use sites such as Indeed, PipelineAZ, and LinkedIn to strategically search for jobs
  • Understand the importance of “connectworking” in person and on LinkedIn 


February 28: Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Understand how to state your accomplishments and strengths clearly and concisely
  • Understand how to communicate gaps in employment
  • Identify the best resume and cover letter format to highlight how your specific skills and experience exceed the job requirements
  • Apply your content to a FREE chronological resume template


March 7: Interview with Confidence

  • Understand the actions you can take before, during, and after the interview to increase your confidence and stand out as the best candidate.
  • Understand how to use the STAR method to answer behavioral questions
  • Understand how to use your resume as a tool during the interview




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