Beka Namachanja: Rio Salado's All AZ Scholar


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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Beka Namachanja

Rio Salado College is proud to introduce our newest All AZ Scholar: Beka Namachanja. Namachanja is the 2023/2024 Student Senator and has moderated and participated in several of our recent DEIB community events. Enrolling at Rio Salado in November 2020, she embarked on an academic journey that has taken her through Behavioral Health Sciences and Addictions and Substance Counseling (ASD). Her passion for psychology and personal development is equaled only by her commitment to community service. In addition to her past work on Maricopa’s Student Policy Forum, Namachanja is a Phi Theta Kappa leader and chairs the Maricopa Community Colleges District’s Student Senator Board.

Namachanja’s decision to attend Rio Salado stemmed from a moment of intense personal reflection during the pandemic. Faced with the challenges that many of us experienced during those years of lockdowns and distancing, Namachanja realized the importance of finding a career path that aligns with her passions. Eager to build a future in Behavioral Health studies, Namachanja was drawn to Rio Salado for its flexible class schedules and affordable tuition. She also found the enrollment process to be straightforward and frictionless, giving her more time and energy to focus on planning her studies than worrying about administrative hurdles.

"As much as Rio is an online school, it's a very real place that has positively impacted not just my academic and professional trajectory but personal development as well,” Namachanja said.

Namachanja’s primary focus is Rio’s ASD program. She appreciates the methodical structure of the program, earning certificates at each milestone that reaffirmed both her mastery of the material and of her commitment to the program to her employer.

Namachanja credits her support system for helping her succeed in her studies. From her mother's unwavering support to the mentorship provided by Rio faculty and staff like Dr. Lily Davidov and John Bastian, her community has been instrumental to her academic progress.

Namachanja has her sights set on continuing her education beyond Rio Salado. She plans to attend Arizona State University so she can complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in psychology. Her long-term goals include completing a doctorate, delving deeper into the clinical side of mental health, exploring psychology and neuroscience, and possibly teaching.

When asked what inspires her to stay so motivated, Namachanja shared her personal philosophy: "Just keep swimming." For Namachanja, a brighter future isn't achieved through the pursuit of perfection but through consistent progress. Keep swimming and the world you want to live in gets a little bit closer.