High School Senior Earns Two Degrees and a Certificate


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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
image of Alivia Proctor in her cap and gown. Colorful green and blue gradient background. Text: Congratulations Rio Salado College Class of 2024. Alivia Proctor.
Alivia Proctor portrait sitting down in a xeriscape garden at Rio Tempe
Group photo of Alivia Proctor and her dual enrollment classmates at commencement

Student Will Start College as a Sophomore

By Mira Radovich, Senior Contributing Writer

High school student Alivia Proctor was looking for something more in her education. That is why she looked to Rio Salado College’s dual enrollment program.

“I have always had low academic satisfaction and I wished to achieve something bigger,” Proctor said. “I wanted to see how far I could go in earning college credits while I was in high school.”

Taking on extra academic challenges didn’t mean the Mountain Pointe High School senior Proctor wasn’t already busy.

“I had accumulated a hectic schedule as I was involved in high school clubs and sports and club sports,” said Proctor, who is a keen volleyball player. “It made me really struggle with my time management until I just stuck with the process and continued on my path at Rio Salado.”

Proctor found that setting aside time to focus on her dual classes was a key to success.

“I sought to balance my dual classes on the weekends and I prioritized high school during the week,” Proctor said. “I would place my efforts on one school until I need to focus on the next.”

Proctor said her dual classes taught her to manage her time better.

“Rio helped prepare me in my world of time management,” Proctor said. “As much as someone hears the words, it is hard to truly grasp an understanding until you have to juggle extra classes in a strict schedule.”

She encourages other high school students considering dual classes to believe in themselves.

“Some tips I have for other dual students is to trust the process and believe that you can do it,” Proctor said. “I never realized how important this program was until my department head told me I would be starting university as a sophomore.”

One of her favorite dual classes helped Proctor bring out her creative side.

“My favorite class was ART 115 because it allowed me to partake in one of my favorite hobbies which is coloring or painting,” Proctor said. “I had the opportunity to put my academic side down and show my creativity.”

In May, Proctor completed an associate in arts, an associate in general studies and a certificate in sports medicine through Rio Salado College - all before she graduated from high school.

“I have successfully achieved my goal of graduating from Rio Salado,” Proctor said. “Throughout this journey, my mother has been a constant source of support and motivation. I am filled with a sense of accomplishment as I envision the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Proctor hopes to transition into an allied health science program in Maryland, and is considering a career in healthcare.

“I am thinking about becoming a physician’s assistant, or opening a private practice, but I am taking time to pick a career focus,” Proctor said. “I do know I want to make a difference in the lives of those who can’t help themselves.”

Proctor is one of more than 300 high school students on track to complete a degree with Rio Salado College this year. Rio Salado is the largest provider of dual enrollment in Maricopa County.