Protect Your Identity At Our April 23 Workshop


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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Join Rio Salado Student Life & Leadership for the final installment of our virtual financial literacy events, hosted by Financial Education Manager Dr. Emily Schwartz. In this workshop, we'll explore the evolving challenges of ID theft in today's technology-driven world. According to the FTC, online fraud has cost Americans billions of dollars over the last couple of years. Learning how to protect yourself from identity theft can help safeguard your money and prevent your credit from taking a hit that could take years of your life to repair. In this workshop, you'll see how to spot common frauds and scams to protect your personal information. 

Bring your questions and RSVP to receive a calendar invite and two reminders, or join us directly on RioConnect. Don't miss this opportunity—extend the invitation to your family and friends!

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🗓 April 23

⏰ 6 PM

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