Veterans: Sign up Today for Free Microelectronics and Nanomanufacturing Training


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Monday, June 24, 2024
Students listen to semiconductor lecture.

Rio Salado students listen to a lecture with STEM Initiatives Faculty Chair Dr. Rick Vaughn. The students were part of the spring cohort for the Microelectronics and Nanomanufacturing Certificate Program in collaboration with Penn State and ASU.

Registration is now open for Valley veterans who want to enter the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

In partnership with Penn State and ASU, the Microelectronics and Nanomanufacturing Certificate Program is an opportunity for up to 12 veterans who want to break into the industry or further their military experience with hands-on labs, live online lectures, and academic support to all participants.

The growing semiconductor industry and Rio Salado’s program were recently featured in a PBS NewsHour piece that aired nationwide on June 11, 2024:  “How Arizona is building the workforce to manufacture semiconductors in the U.S.”

Classes begin Sept. 3 and run through Nov. 22. The program, which is free to veterans, combines live-streamed lectures with intensive, hands-on-site training in a clean room environment at ASU.

Students will learn the principles and practices they need to succeed when they enter the semiconductor industry, including:

  • Safe equipment operation/maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly materials handling
  • Health and safety, and
  • Semiconductor processing methods.

Matt Feyereisen completed the program last year. A Navy veteran, Feyereisen worked in graphic design after leaving the service in 1999. In Fall 2022, he decided to look for something different.

“I like science and technology,” he said. “This is something new I wanted to do and hopefully it’s a good future because I can’t see the world without microelectronics.”

Feyereisen was hired after completing the program and now works in the field.

All qualifying military veterans are invited to apply:

Learn more about the program online.