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1. Review Wish List

Review your class Wish List below. You can also print or save your Wish List.

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2. Verify Block (If Applicable)

If you plan to earn a degree or certificate at Rio Salado College, you must plan your classes to comply with the Block Calendar System.
If not, proceed to step 3.

Block Verification

Block Verification

  1. How do I find my Block
  2. Log in to RIoLearn and click the RioCompass link in the My Advisor section to verify your current Block, or you can go here if you want to familiarize yourself with the college's Block Calendar.
  3. Talk to your advisor or other Rio Salado representative to make sure you are enrolled in right block.

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3. Register

New Students

New Students

  1. Create your Maricopa Enterprise ID (also known as MEID)
  2. Complete the admission application by adding your personal information
  3. Admit yourself to Rio Salado College
  4. Select your program of study
  5. Submit proof of your identification and lawful presence (learn more*)
Student Application Portal
Returning Students

Returning Students

  1. Save or print your Wish List.
  2. Register at my.maricopa.edu.
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