Special Circumstance Review


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Special Circumstance Review

A review of Special Circumstance is available to determine if your current finances are no longer a representation of the income entered on your current year FAFSA. If you experienced a substantial decrease of income and you have filed your current year (s) taxes, you may submit the Special Circumstance Review Form to request an income reduction review. Students with a zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC) should not submit this form (A zero EFC represents maximum eligibility).

The data elements which are used to determine your financial aid need and eligibility are your Cost of Attendance (COA) minus your EFC calculated by the information you provided on your FAFSA.

Special Circumstance refers to financial situations which may support an adjustment to the data elements COA or the EFC calculation.

Below are some examples of special circumstances which may be considered for review: 

  • Loss of a job
  • Divorce 
  • Death of a spouse or parent

You must submit a legible and complete Special Circumstance Form. And you must submit a detailed statement which clearly explains the loss of income along with all other documents requested. Additional information may be requested, must be submitted to process, and complete your income reduction review. If you have questions or require assistance please contact Financial Aid.

Once your request has been reviewed and processed you should be notified within fourteen business days of the committee decision depending on the volume of requests received. All committee decisions are final.