Instructional Helpdesk


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Instructional Helpdesk

We're Here to Help You

The Instructional Helpdesk staff:

  • Provides adjunct faculty with training and instructional support
  • Assists students with navigating RioLearn and performing other online actions 

Received Great Help? We'd Love to Know

It only takes a minute or so to let us know when someone in the Rio Salado Instructional Helpdesk department has done a great job.

Tell us about your experience and we'll recognize that person for a job well done.

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FAQs: Instructional Helpdesk

RioLearn is the college's online classroom learning system.

Follow the online prompts to create your account when you log in to Riolearn the first time. It's a good idea to access and view your online classes within a week before your first class starts. 

You can verify your class start date in your Student Center at

Log in to Student Center

RioLearn has a dedicated Message Center allowing you and your instructor to communicate within the RioLearn system. Use the Contact Your Instructor feature on your Course Home page to message your instructor. Regularly check the Message Center for messages from your instructor.

Rio Salado instructors are required to respond to email message within 72 hours of messages being posted. Most instructors choose to respond within a day or two, depending on their availability. 

Instructions for changing to an 8-week calendar

Important Note: You should consider electing to shift to an 8-week (accelerated) calendar a permanent change. Changing your calendar back to the full-length calendar requires contacting your instructor with this request. Whether the request is granted is dependent on the instructor's discretion and department policies.

Check your course schedule to learn whether your class has the accelerated 8 week option, not all classes have it. Selecting the 8 week calendar shortens the period during which you can drop a class and receive a refund. Contact Student Enrollment Services at 480-517-8540 with questions about making this change.

Use your RioLearn Gradebook to request an online extension for your course assignments.

How to Submit a Due Date Extension

Contact Student Enrollment Services at (480) 517-8540 to discuss options for changing your course start date.

What: NSO101 New Student Orientation is a free, non-credit course that covers topics such as college success tips, college policies and resources, finances and navigating your RioLearn online classroom. 

Where: NSO101 is available in RioLearn the Monday after you apply to the college.

Complete NSO101 prior to registering for classes. It takes about two hours to complete.