8-Week Online Classes


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Rio Salado's 8-Week Online Classes: Fast-Paced Learning Made Easy

Accelerated Learning

Most Rio Salado online classes are 14 or 16 weeks in length. You have the option for the majority of classes to take the online class in a shortened, 8-week format. If you prefer fast-paced classes, this option may be right for you. However, the shorter the class length, the more time you will need to devote to your class studies.

How to Choose the 8-Week Option

What are the advantages of 8 week classes?

  • Lets you complete more classes in a shorter period of time
  • Empowers you to go from part-time to full-time status
  • Leads to faster degree completion

How many classes it is recommended that I take at one time?

If you plan on completing six credits per term:

  • Take two classes that are 14 or 16 weeks in length, or take two 8-week classes.

If you plan on completing 12 credits per term: 

  • Take four classes that are 14 or 16 weeks in length or take four 8-week classes.

How does the 8-week class option work?

  • Refer to Rio Salado's online class schedule to see if a class is offered in the 8-week format.
  • For most classes, you select the 8-week option when you start your class in RioLearn.*
  • If you choose not to select the “8-week class option,” your class remains its original length (e.g. 14 weeks).

*Some astronomy, biology, chemistry, nutrition and geology classes require you to select the 8-week class section at time of registration.

How do 8-week classes differ from other classes?

14-week classes (class lengths may vary depending on the class)

  • Moderately paced
  • Assignments are more spread out
  • Trying to balance four classes at a time (12 credits) with work, family and other responsibilities often requires students to go from full-time to part-time status
  • Averages one to two lessons per week
  • Requires focus and strong study skills, but allows for flexible time-management

8-week classes (class lengths may vary depending on the class)

  • Fast paced
  • Assignments are more concentrated
  • Students complete a full-time course load (12-credits) while taking just two classes at a time, in two 8-week sessions over a 16-week period
  • Averages three to four lessons per week
  • Requires a concentrated level of focus and a more structured study regimen