FAQs: RioLearn Message Center


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FAQs: RioLearn Message Center

If you do not find the answer to your question about using the RioLearn Message Center, contact Rio Salado College's Instructional Helpdesk for more information.

FAQs: RioLearn Message Center

You can send a message to your instructor from the RioLearn Message Center on your course homepage, from your Gradebook or from the Course Quick Look.

In the RioLearn Message Center: 

  1. Click the Compose New button in the top-left corner of the page.
  2. Select a class in the-drop down menu.
  3. Click your instructor's name to highlight it.
  4. Click the arrow to move your instructor's name to the Selected Recipients field.

In your Course Homepage: 

  1. In the Contact Your Instructor section in the middle of the page, locate your instructor's name, and click Send Message under the name.
  2. Your instructor's name automatically populates in the To field.

In your Gradebook:

  1. Click the Send Message tab at the far-right of the gray navigation bar.
  2. Your instructor's name automatically populates in the To field.

From your Course Quick Look: 

  1. Click Message located next to your instructor's name.

You can go to the Message Center from any page in RioLearn by clicking the green message icon at the top of the page. Your inbox is selected by default.

If you are contacting your instructor regarding your Rio Salado College class, use the Message Center.

Rio Salado College is not responsible for lost messages sent through other communication methods, such as email or text.

Your instructor, the department chair and (in some cases) a lead instructor can access the messages you send through the Message Center.

Message Center messages are exclusively for course-related communication between students, instructors and faculty chairs. In some classes, you may be encouraged to interact with classmates using a class discussion board. You may also connect with Rio Salado students using the RioConnect community.

You will be notified that you have received new messages two ways. First, when you are signed in to RioLearn, the Message icon at the top of the page will display a new message along with the number of unread messages you have received. Secondly, you will receive an email notification in your student Gmail account, informing you that you have received a new message.

With regard to Rio Salado College, email refers to electronic communication sent to you through your student Gmail account. This can include promotional materials, student surveys, announcements, notifications and other important information. Messages are course-related communication between you and your instructor that is delivered to your RioLearn Message Center.  

Message Center messages are limited to course-specific communication between you and your instructors. You will not receive promotional materials, unrelated notifications or surveys in your Message Center. These messages are not mixed in with spam-type messaging.

The email icon in RioLearn lets you have easy access to your student email account. The email icon does not display how many unread emails you may have in your student email inbox.

You should open your Maricopa student email account at least once each day to learn if you have emails that have been to you delivered that you have not yet opened. 

Rio Salado and the  Maricopa County Community College District uses your student Gmail account to contact you. Student surveys, financial aid notifications and other important information is delivered to your student Gmail address. The RioLearn Message Center is only used for course-related communication.  

Note: The email icon in RioLearn does not display the number of unread emails you have in your email inbox. Be sure to open your Maricopa student Gmail account at least once a day.

While you are not allowed to opt out of receiving emails, you can create a filter to help you keep emails organized. Refer to the next question to learn how to do this.

Follow the instructions below to create a filter for your Message Center notifications.

  1. On the Google Mail page, click the small arrow on the right side of the search bar.
  2. In the"From field, enter: comcenter@riosalado.edu
  3. Click Create filter with this search at the bottom, right corner in the search box.
  4. Select the Skip the Inbox and the Apply the Label options.
  5. Click the Choose Label button.
  6. Select the New Label option in the list.
  7. Create a label, for example, Message Center or Awesomesauce (your choice).
  8. Select the Also Apply Filter to Matching Conversations option.
  9. Click the blue Create Filter button.