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Wellness Wednesday: Balanced Diet on the Go!

Balanced Diet on the Go!

Wellness Wednesday: Balanced Diet on the Go!

As many of us transition back to in-person work, we have to adjust more than just our schedules. Going back to the office also means your kitchen is not a stone’s throw away to make a healthy lunch. With so many options for takeout during your lunch hour, it can be easy to fall into bad habits.

A crucial part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is eating right—a properly balanced diet will give you the energy you need to function at peak capacity. Here are some tips to keep in mind to stop your diet from taking a belly-flop as you dive back into in-person work.


Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are macronutrients. Macronutrients are the nutrients you use in the largest amount. They are the building blocks of energy and nutritional value that your body depends on to maintain itself. They are also essential for burning fat—if you don’t get enough macronutrients, that can slow down your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. Learn more about healthy macronutrient ratios here.

Healthy Meals On The Move

While home cooking is almost always going to be a healthier option, sometimes the convenience of fast food wins. Don’t feel bad about rolling down that window—not all drive-through food is bad for you! Grilled chicken sandwiches or salads (the right kind, see below)  are great options. For more examples of healthy fast food options, check out these 25 drive-through hacks for healthy ordering on the go.

Eat More Greens

You can never go wrong with vegetables. They’re high in nutritional value, low in harmful fats and cholesterol, and they fill you up. When having lunch on the go, consider loading up on veggies to fuel the rest of your day. Consider these meal options: 

  • Fajitas at Mexican restaurants  
  • Vegetable stir fries at Asian restaurants  
  • Healthy veggie options at Mediterranean restaurants 
  • Enhancing leftovers from home by adding more vegetables

One thing to keep in mind: just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Green isn’t ALWAYS good for you. Check out this list of the 17 worst restaurant salads in America for examples of what to avoid.

Hydrate, Hydrate, And Then Hydrate Again

As tempting as it is to power through the workday with endless cups of coffee or a few cold Gatorades, there is no substitute for water. A hydrated body is a healthy body. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can do you a world of good (also, if you need another reason to eat more veggies: vegetables and fruits help keep you hydrated). If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you need to drink more water:

  • Dry mouth/lips 
  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and/or tired 
  • Feeling thirsty 
  • Less frequent urination (fewer than 4 times a day)  
  • Your pee is a dark color—the more hydrated you are, the lighter in color it will be.

Dehydration can lead to serious health complications, so it’s very important you drink enough fluids every day. An added benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it fills you up and helps your metabolism run smoothly.

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