NEW! Required First Year Experience Courses Open for Fall 2022


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Thursday, August 4, 2022
NEW! Required First Year Experience Courses Open for Fall 2022

Students who are new to Rio Salado College and the Maricopa Community Colleges as of Fall 2022, and are pursuing a degree, will be required to take one of two first-year experience (FYE) courses as part of their degree program.

“I believe FYE courses will give the students the tools upfront to be successful,” said Dr. Melanie Abts, faculty co-chair for counseling and personal development at Rio Salado. “They learn strategies to be successful and develop a clear education plan toward graduation.” 

The two courses are FYE101 — Introduction to College, Career and Personal Success (1 credit) or FYE103 — Exploration of College, Career and Personal Success (3 credits). These courses are designed to help students succeed in their college courses and help them reach their career and educational goals. 

FYE101 is intended for students who know what degree programs they wish to pursue, and focuses on goal setting, success strategies and financial literacy.

FYE103 is intended for students who are not yet sure what program they want to pursue. This course includes information on career exploration and developing a career and education plan using assessments, and other college resources.

Students must complete one of these courses within the first two semesters of enrollment. Students will have a hold placed on their account if they have not completed their course by the end of their second semester.

Registration for these courses for Fall 2022 is now available.

If you don’t know which course is right for you, visit FYE Maricopa website or speak with your academic advisor. 


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