Congratulations to the Rio Salado College Class of 2023!


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Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Festive party streamers and text: Congratulations Class of 2023

Congratulations Class of 2023

Congratulations to you and the Rio Salado College Class of 2023. We are excited to celebrate your accomplishments at this evening’s commencement ceremony. 

You are joining more than 101,000 Rio Salado alumni who have earned more than 125,000 degrees and certificates since our college was founded in 1978. 

Commencement is a time when we celebrate your achievements, perseverance, dedication, and determination. We know how hard you work and the sacrifices you make to achieve your goals. We are immensely proud of your accomplishments and look forward to sharing details at this evening’s ceremony about the Class of 2023 successes and contributions.

As you join me on stage to receive your academic awards, I encourage you to think of tonight as a culmination of one journey and the beginning of the next. We hope you enjoy this celebration as a major milestone and as a source of inspiration that will lead you to other new and exciting possibilities.

On behalf of Rio Salado College, we thank you for choosing our college and for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your educational journey.

We wish you a wonderful future filled with academic, career, and personal successes and hope you will continue your partnership with our college as a life-long learner and member of our Rio Salado alumni family. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

With gratitude and admiration,

Kate Smith



Live Stream and Social: We will stream the event live using our YouTube Event Channel. Share your school spirit, grad stories, videos and photos using #RioWaves #RioGrad #Classof2023.

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