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Celebrate Constitution Day All Week Long at Rio Salado

September 17 is Constitution Day, a holiday in which we commemorate the signing of the Constitution. Join us for a week-long celebration of American history with virtual events and informative library resources.
September 9, 2022

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

If you are struggling with stress or feel you are facing a mental health crisis, please know that there are people who want to help. Reach out to our community partners or counseling team to help find the professional care and resources that can help you manage.
September 9, 2022

Ready to Start a Business? Join Us for Entrepreneur Days

Are you a visionary and a hard worker interested in starting a small business? Join us for Maricopa Entrepreneur Days, a series of in-person and virtual events.
September 8, 2022

NACCTEP Board Includes Three Members of Rio Community

Three members of the Rio Salado College community are newly elected to the executive board of the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP).
September 7, 2022

Wellness Wednesday: Walk It Out

A long stroll is a great way to burn calories and spend time outdoors, but it has physical and mental health benefits beyond that. Lace up your sneakers, get a good stretch in, and check out some of the ways that walking can hone your mind and body.
September 7, 2022

Student Success Series: Seek to Inspire

Join our special guest speakers for Seek to Inspire, a series of three virtual workshops designed to motivate you and provide you with tools to achieve your goals.
September 6, 2022

Foundation Spring 2023 Scholarship Applications Now Open

The Spring 2023 Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation General Scholarship Application is now open and accepting applications. Scholarship opportunities can be found on the foundation’s online portal.
September 1, 2022

Watch Rio Salado Episodes of the College Tour on Amazon

Season Five of the College Tour on Amazon Prime, featuring Rio Salado College, drops today, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022.
August 31, 2022

You Belong on Rio Connect: Your Online Community

Connect with other Rio Salado students on your online community: Rio Connect. It is available to all Rio students! RioConnect lets students chat with one another, ask questions about online learning or classes, or share study tips.
August 30, 2022

Wellness Wednesday: The Art of Relaxation

Making art can improve your mental health and have a positive impact on your physical health as well. Here are just a few of the ways that being artistic can enhance your well-being.
August 30, 2022

Ask an Advisor: What is Block Calendar?

Baffled by the use of Block Calendar at Rio? Don’t know where to start? We’ll point you in the right direction.
August 30, 2022

Volunteering: Good For The Community & Good For You!

Getting out and helping others isn’t just good on an ethical and civic level—it’s good for your mental and physical health as well! Here’s just a few ways in which you end up helping yourself while helping others through volunteering.
August 26, 2022