Spanish for Medical Interpretation


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Spanish for Medical Interpretation

Rio Salado College's Spanish for Medical Interpretation online courses SPA205 and SPA206 give students an opportunity to gain valuable skills that are in high demand within the healthcare industry. The courses teach the medical terminology and how to manage interpretive encounters. They were developed as a partnership between the college and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

These courses are intended for those who are proficient in English and Spanish, and interested in pursuing a medical industry career. They are also ideal for bilingual healthcare professionals who want to expand their skill set or maintain their interpreting competencies. A medical background is not required to take these classes.

Course Materials

Content for the courses is based on the "Spanish Bilingual Assistant: Introduction to Medical Interpreting, 3rd Edition, Manual and Instructor’s Guide." The principal author is Barbara Rayes and the principal medical editor is Jorge Masuello, M.D. Updates to the online courses have been provided by Elida M. Testai, M.D., M.A. View the full acknowledgements document to see the entire list of reviewers and contributors.

National Accreditation

CCHI LogoThe content from these courses has received national accreditation from the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). Rio Salado College was part of a pilot group and among the first to undergo the process for its Continuing Education Accreditation Program.

Additional Opportunities

Students who successfully complete SPA205 and SPA206 can apply the credits toward a Rio Salado College Academic Certificate in Language Studies or Academic Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture.

Course Curriculum

Course # Course Title Credits
SPA205  Spanish for Medical Interpretation I 3
SPA206 Spanish for Medical Interpretation II 3
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Weekly start dates begin almost every Monday.  For additional information, please contact a Rio academic advisor online, at 480-517-8580 or by email at