Adobe Certified Professional Test Prep


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Adobe Certified Professional Test Prep

Rio Salado College offers professional certification test preparation courses that help you prepare to take the Adobe Certified Professional certification exams.

Test Preparation Courses

Adobe Photoshop

  • CIS120DF – Computer Graphics: Adobe Photoshop
  • CIS220DF – Advanced Photoshop

Adobe Animate

  • CIS120DC – Animate: Digital Animation

Adobe Illustrator

  • CIS120DB – Computer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

  • CIS138DA – Desktop Design and Publishing Using Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere

  • CIS120DA – Introduction to Adobe Premiere

Rio Salado Certification Testing

You can take the Adobe certification exams at Rio Salado to earn your ACA certification. But first:

  • Study the material
  • Review industry certification sites for additional tips and information
  • Feel confident you are ready to take the test