Computer Labs FAQs


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Computer Labs FAQs

  • The lab staff can:
    • Assist students with basic computer guidance while working in the computer lab.
    • Direct students to Rio’s resources.
    • Assist with Microsoft Office course questions. Staff are not familiar with all Rio courses and are not experts in the software/hardware industry.
  • The lab staff does not provide tutoring (one-on-one personal sessions) or provide step by step assistance with assignments, finals, or final projects that are submitted for grading. If you need assistance with a particular course, please contact the Tutoring department.

The Computer Labs follow the District Child on Campus Policy.

The Computer Labs are considered learning environments to allow students to complete their course work. Therefore, guests are not permitted.

  • Bring any and all materials you will need to work on your course, like:
    • Textbook(s)
    • Headphone/microphone set, if required for your course
    • Removable media device to save your work, if applicable
    • Notebooks, paper, writing utensils

Computer usage is limited to the hours of operation for the lab location.

No. Any currently enrolled Rio Salado student can use the computer lab at no cost.

Students are responsible for bringing their own textbooks.

  • Per the policy, no food or drink is permitted.
  • Please either leave drinks/food in your vehicle or finish drinking/eating before entering the lab.