FAQs: Student Business Services


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If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact the Student Business Services staff for further information.


A withdrawal from a class is made after the refund deadline, which is non-refundable. A drop from a class is when you drop by the refund date, which is refundable. A withdrawal date shown on your syllabus is not necessarily the same as your refund date. Review your refund dates in the Student Center.

Use the account inquiry in your Student Center to select your term and the Maricopa Community college you attend. Then, click on the printer icon to view your statement. The last column of the statement shows your refund deadline. This is your deadline to drop classes and not be financially responsible for paying for them.

If a tuition payment is made by cash, check or credit card, contact the Student Business Services Office to request a refund. A refund is not automatically made available to you. Credit card payments are refunded to the same card that was used for the payment. All other refund methods are refunded through the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP) using NelNet's Student Choice Refund. You may enroll with NelNet's Student Choice Refund to set your refund preference. If you make no preference, a paper check is mailed to you.

“Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

If you are viewing your student account and see that you have a balance, the financial aid has not yet been released to you. The Student Business Services Office does not have access to release financial aid funds. 

Unfortunately, there is not a way to 'stop' the payment plan once established, it will remain active for the entire semester. Any changes to your student account throughout the semester could change the terms. Please be sure to read through the payment plan's final review and the terms and conditions before you finalize your agreement. 

If you have accelerated a class to the 8-week option, your refund deadline changes. The deadline on your Student Center may not reflect the correct deadline. If your classes are the 8-week option, you typically have three calendar days to qualify for a refund. To verify your drop date, you can contact the Student Business Services Office at (480) 517-8334 or Registration and Records at (480) 517-8150.

The payment plan must be paid in full by the end of your classes. If you have changed the length of your classes, for example, by selecting the 8-week class option, this directly impacts and changes the payments schedule of the plan. To verify your payments schedule, you can contact the Student Business Services Office and ask a representative to review your account for changes.