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You + Rio Salado + Community = Be a Student’s Hero March 31 Success #IamAHero

This annual one-day event hosted by Rio Salado, the Maricopa Community Colleges and Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation raises thousands of dollars to help students pay for tuition, class fees, and emergency expenses such as food, gas, rent or transportation they cannot afford.
March 29, 2022

Join the Discussion: Leadership Perspectives DEIB Collaborative Forum March 29

Our upcoming event will focus on Women’s History Month and will feature two female Presidents. Learn from Dr. Katherine Zatz, Acting President of APUS, and Mrs. Kate Smith, President of Rio Salado, as they share their perspectives and insights on leadership, higher education, and the importance of our shared DEIB values.
March 25, 2022

Spring 2022 Virtual Career Fair Series

Maricopa Community Colleges students, alumni, and community members are invited to join us for a three-day virtual career fair series to help you meet with top companies looking to hire qualified candidates like you!
March 23, 2022