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A Cut Above No Matter How You Slice It

Student Uses Grant to Improve Access to Quality Food
October 23, 2023

Ask an Advisor: University Transfer Strategies

Need help finding information on transferring to a university to continue your education? Rio Salado's director of Academic Advisement David Hall offers some tips & resources on how to have…
October 20, 2023

National Transfer Student Week: Who are Rio Salado’s Transfer Partners?

The credits you earn at Rio Salado can transfer to institutions across the country. Rio also has transfer agreements in place with local and national universities that make it even easier to transfer…
October 19, 2023

What to Know if You Are Transferring Your Rio Credits to Another Institution

Rio Salado has transfer agreements with the three public universities in Arizona as well as more than 40 other institutions. With all of our partnerships, the entire associate degree may transfer…
October 18, 2023

Wellness Wednesday: Persimmons Pack A Sweet Punch

Fall is upon us, and you know that means: it’s persimmon season! Available from October until early January, these sweet fruits pack a surprising nutritional punch. Find out more about the benefits…
October 18, 2023

National Transfer Student Week: What to Know if You Are Transferring Credits to Rio Salado College

Do you have credits from another school that you'd like to transfer to Rio? Find out the steps you need to take to bring your work to Rio on our latest National Transfer Student Week blog.
October 17, 2023

Meet Rio Salado’s 23-24 Student Senator Beka Namachanja

Beka Namachanja enrolled at Rio Salado College to pursue her passion for Behavioral Health Sciences. Eager to give back to the community that's given her so much, Namachanja has become a Student…
October 17, 2023

National Transfer Student Week: Why Transfer Your Credits?

Oct. 16-22 is National Transfer Student Week! This is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of transfer students and those who support them throughout their academic journey. How can transfer…
October 16, 2023

Celebrate The Arts In Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month continues until October 15! How are you celebrating? If you’re looking for books to read or films to watch, we have a few recommendations on our blog.
October 12, 2023

Rio Salado College's Groundbreaking RioPACT Model Receives the WCET 2023 WOW Award

Rio Salado College has been honored with the 2023 WOW Award from WCET for its groundbreaking RioPACT (Persistence and Completion Tracking) model. Kudos to the dedicated team behind this innovative…
October 10, 2023

How To Tell When You’re About To Burnout

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? You may be experiencing the early stages of burnout. For our latest student success story, we look at how to tell when you're about to burnout (and what you…
October 9, 2023

Feeling Spooked at Work? Don't Fear Your Future

Sometimes things can get a little spooky at work. Maybe a new manager comes in or there are whispers of layoffs on the horizon. Don’t be afraid of change: here’s a few things you can do to stay…
October 3, 2023