Class Offerings


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In partnership with the Arizona Department of Education Rio Salado College (RSC) offers an award-winning adult education program for students, age 16 and over, seeking high school equivalency (GED® test preparation), English language, and Career Training classes. Eligible students can improve their academic skills, prepare for college and career, and participate in career training programs.

GED® Test Preparation Classes

Rio Salado's GED® test preparation classes are available at multiple community-based locations across Maricopa County and online. Students interested in the HSE PLUS Career Readiness Pathway should register in RSC's adult education program to complete points toward this alternate pathway to earn a high school equivalency diploma. 

English Language/ESL Classes

Learning English is the first step to continuing on to college. Rio Salado College will help you get there. Rio Salado College offers a dynamic learning environment for you to increase your English language skills. Non-Credit classes are available to students age 16 and older in a supportive environment designed for adults.

Career Training

Rio Salado College offers Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs that support students’ participation in career training while they prepare for the GED® exam or study English language skills. IET programs help students gain skills needed to successfully transition into college programs or in-demand careers in Maricopa County.