ESL and GED® Preparation for Partners


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ESL and GED® Preparation for Partners

Rio Salado's ESL and GED® Preparation for Partners program offers English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED® test preparation virtual classes to schools, non-profit organizations, and employers.

This competitively priced, fee-based program provides state-certified instructors, assessments, administrative support, and comprehensive student outcome reports at the end of each course. 

School Partnership Benefits:

  • Support the use of Title I funds
  • Address the educational components of No Child Left Behind
  • Contribute to improved academic performance
  • Provide an opportunity to serve the community in a meaningful way
  • Strengthen communication with parents

Non-profit Organizations and Employers Partnership Benefits:

  • Create a more educated workforce
  • Increase employees’ job satisfaction
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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