Step 1: Get Admitted


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Step 1: Get Admitted

Step 1: Get Admitted

Who Should Start the Steps on this Page?

The admissions application steps beginning on this page are intended for students who are currently seeking a degree, certificate or program at Rio Salado College. If this does not apply to you (you only want to enroll in one or more classes without stating a particular education pathway at this time), follow this link to begin the admission application steps

Note: If you plan to complete a degree, certificate, or program at Rio Salado College, please identify your selection prior to beginning the application process. If you need help, or call 480-517-8540.

Get Started on Your Future

We'll take you step-by-step through the admissions application process. Here's a few actions you'll perform in the process:

Start Admissions Application

You can Also Apply in Person

You can also choose to apply for admission in-person at the Rio Salado College Tempe location. Bring a printed copy of the Student Admissions Application (English version | Spanish version) to the Rio Salado College Admissions, Records and Registration office.

Tip: You can reserve your place in line at the Admissions, Records and Registration office. We recommend that you bring official transcripts of any high school and/or college credits along with you.

Need Help?

For assistance with getting admitted, email or call 480-517-8540.