Step 2: Complete Enrollment Tasks


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Step 2: Complete Enrollment Tasks

Step 2: Complete Enrollment Tasks

Take care of any tasks listed in your Student Center at If you are new to college, you may have additional tasks to determine course placement, seek initial academic advisement, submit your transcripts, attend new-to-college classes and learn about block calendar.  Note: You will need to have DUO two-factor authentication activated to access your Student Center. You will receive a Duo push notification to access your Student Center.

Course Placement for English, Math and Reading

If you're taking English, math or reading courses, Rio Salado College offers five options for determining your course placement: 

  • Placement using the unweighted GPA on your high school transcript
  • Placement with an ACT score
  • Placement with a GED score
  • Placement with SAT score
  • Placement Testing

Learn about course placement and the criteria used for Placement

Note: You can submit college transcripts from prior college courses in English, math or reading to meet the prerequisite requirement in some classes. Learn about the Prerequisite Approval Process.

Initial Academic Advisement

If you are seeking a certificate or degree at Rio, an advisor will help you identify specific classes to meet the requirements of your intended program. Your advisor will be assigned to you by the specific program and Field of Interest you are seeking.

Submit Your Transcript

If you are using a previous college or university class to meet the placement requirements from outside the Maricopa Community Colleges network, submit unofficial transcripts along with the Prerequisite Verification Request Form.

Criteria used for course placement

For assistance with getting admitted, email or call 480-517-8540.

New-to-college Classes

  • The New Student Orientation (NSO101) online class is automatically uploaded for first-time Rio Salado College students. This class explores helpful topics, including college success tips, college policies and resources, financial literacy, wellness and how to navigate RioLearn, the college's online learning portal. NS0101 is a free, non-credit resource to help you be successful in reaching your goals at Rio Salado. If NSO101 does not appear for you in RioLearn please email to get enrolled. It is estimated that NSO101 will take 1-2 hours to complete.
  • If you are new to Rio Salado College and the Maricopa Community Colleges as of Fall 2022, and pursuing a degree, you will be required to take a first-year experience course. Choose from FYE101 — Introduction to College, Career and Personal Success (1 credit) or FYE103 — Exploration of College, Career and Personal Success (3 credits). These courses are designed to help you learn how to succeed in your college courses and help you reach your career and educational goals.

For more information see First-Year Experience | Maricopa Community Colleges, or check out this video.

Learn about Block Calendar

If you plan to earn a degree or certificate at Rio Salado College, you must register for classes and choose a start date that will determine your Block Calendar. This video explains how the Block Calendar works.

Learn about Block Calendar

Video Notes

Note: Rio Salado's system automatically drops any class in which you register that is set to start or end outside of your assigned block.