University of Phoenix


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University of Phoenix

Rio Salado has partnered with University of Phoenix® to allow students who have completed a Post Baccalaureate to transfer into a Master of Arts in Education program. Transfer credits are awarded based on teacher credentialing requirements and competency equivalencies between the Rio Salado Post-Baccalaureate and University of Phoenix, College of Education Master of Arts in Education.

Credits are applied as outlined below:

Rio Salado Post Baccalaureate University of Phoenix MAED Transfer Credits
Elementary Education Elementary Teacher Education 18
Secondary Education Secondary Teacher Education 18
Special Education Special Education 29
Any Post-Baccalaureate Curriculum and Instruction 9
*Post Baccalaureate program must be completed to receive credits 

University of Phoenix has assigned dedicated enrollment representatives to assist students in obtaining their Post Baccalaureate completion documentation and apply earned credits.

To speak with a University of Phoenix representative about this program contact:

Dave Kuntz 
Phone: (707) 639-4303 

Marisol Madrigal 
Phone: (626) 463-5636