Undergraduate Pathways


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Note: Beginning in Fall 2023, Rio Salado College will offer a Dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Elementary Education and Special Education (BAEE/SPED), which provides an experiential four-year curriculum in Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education (K-12). This program prepares pre-service teachers to educate diverse learners. Upon completion of the BAEE/SPED, a student will be eligible to seek the Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education (K-8), Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Special Education (K-12), and the Structured English Immersion Endorsement.

Bachelor's Degree Pathway


2 + 2 Teacher Certification Pathways

Whether you have a few college credits or just starting your journey, a 2 + 2 pathway may be right for you! If you plan to transfer to a university and want a cost-effective way to reach your degree, start off with us!
Complete your first two years with Rio Salado College and then transfer to the university! Check out the Education Field of Interest for your potential pathway!

Transfer Degrees

With the university transfer option, you can complete most of your general education coursework at Rio Salado College and have guaranteed acceptance to one of our over 40 university and college partners to complete your Bachelor degree.

Degrees and Certificates