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Start Your Four-Year Degree at Rio Salado

Our in-state and out-of-state partnerships make university transfer easy. By starting your bachelor's degree at Rio Salado College, you will receive award-winning faculty instruction and lower tuition.

At Rio Salado we want you to get the best education possible.  

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Benefits of Transferring to Rio Salado

  • 91% of alumni surveyed indicated Rio met or exceeded their expectations
  • Earn credits that seamlessly transfer to Arizona's three public universities and more
  • Quality instruction
  • Lower tuition
  • Guaranteed transfer may be available to your preferred university

You can submit your official transcripts for transfer credit evaluation directly from the issuing institution to:

Rio Salado College
2323 W. 14th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Attention:  Admissions, Records, & Registration/Transcript Processing  

Note: If your official transcripts are being sent electronically from a third party company, please have them directed to records@​riosalado.​edu.​

Acceptable transcripts include: