Co-Curricular Activities


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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are designed to enrich and enhance your educational experience in the Rio Salado College Honors Program. Each semester, you may choose from a variety of preapproved activities to satisfy this requirement. The activity must be outside of your required coursework (not required for credit in a class).

Approved Activities

You are required to verify attendance/participation for your co-curricular activity and write an essay about your co-curricular activity. The following information about your chosen activity must be included:

  • Your full name, Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) and Honors course number and title
  • Title, description, location, date and event time
  • A recap of the experience and reflection on what you learned and a description of how the event connected to your Honors class
  • An analysis of the positive and/or negatives of the experience

Current Co-Curricular Activities

Academic Lectures

Academic Lectures include Honors Forum lectures and lectures on and off campus that are not required in your course

Volunteer Activity

A minimum of four hours of volunteer time through a Rio club or activity or Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) service learning community partner correspond to on co-curricular activity. (You must complete a Volunteer Service Statement & Agreement form before you complete this activity. A signed form must be included with your co‐curricular submission to document your participation.)

Cultural Experiences

A theater performance, museum, exhibits, arts  or film screening (documentary) may also be attended.

Campus Involvement

Active participation in campus clubs and organizations may also be explored. Regular attendance at approved on‐campus club meetings and participation in club events is an approved activity.

Academic Involvement

This may include undergraduate research that occurs beyond a class requirement such as attending a conference or an academic activity in your major field of study (e.g., Model U.N., participating in an archeological excavation, voter registration drive, planetarium night or other academic opportunities).

NOTE: Detailed co-curricular submission requirements are provided in the non-credit Honors Program course students are required to complete each semester.

Students must log in to RioLearn Class Login to access their non-credit Honors Program course.