Co-Curricular Activities


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Co-Curricular Activities

Honors co-curricular event expectations are designed to enrich the Honors experience and encourage further educational engagement. A co-curricular event cannot be an extra-credit assignment in a class or be part of a required assignment for a class. The Honors Program believes that these activities will expand the educational experience while also promoting Honors presence at the campus and district levels. Honors students are required to submit a reflection on how their participation in the co-curricular activity connects with what they are learning in their Honors credit class(es).

Not all events on campus are Honors Program approved. The campus-level Honors Program will be responsible for approving events and for creating the Reflection Prompt.

All Presidents’ Honors Scholarship (PHS) awardees are required to complete two co-curricular activities each semester. Students receiving the Honors Achievement Award (HAA) are required to complete one co-curricular activity each semester. To document progress, students need to:

  • Log into RioLearn and open the HONORS100 HAA or PHS course.  This is a free, online, non-credit course that meets orientation and co-curricular activity requirements. The course can be accessed via
  • View the following video for help using the RioLearn platform:
  • Complete the assigned lessons and assessments, including proof of attendance and the reflection.
  • Your reflection (reflective essay) should be at least 250 words and include sources if citing other material.
  • Students must tie the co-curricular activity to at least one of their Honors credit course(s).

Current Co-Curricular Activities

Below are examples of possible co-curricular activities: 

  • Attend a performance by the Phoenix Symphony or another symphony in your area
  • Visit a museum like the Phoenix Art Museum, the Musical Instrument Museum, the Mesa Southwest Historical Museum, or another museum in your area
  • Take a virtual museum tour
  • Visit the Odysea Aquarium, the Phoenix Science Center, or another similar educational attraction
  • Take a trip to a cultural center, such as the Phoenix Budokan and Japanese Cultural Center, the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library, or the Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center 
  • Attend an artistic performance live or virtually − The Metropolitan Opera offers free live audio streams
  • Watch an appropriate film, musical, or documentary − Students can access the Rio Library for films in the categories of New Music, Great Documentaries, Events in History, and Feature Films for Education (Biography, Musical, American History, Documentaries, Music & Performing Arts) 
  • Attend a city council or other government meeting