FAQs: Honors


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FAQs: Honors Program

  • President’s Honors Scholars will automatically receive an email from the Honors Office at the end and beginning of each semester. Their eligibility will be reviewed at those times.
  • Honors Achievement Award recipients need to let the Honors Office know if they would like to continue participating each semester. 

Grades are calculated into a Grade Point Average (GPA) which determines eligibility for our scholarships. Our minimum required GPA is a 3.258*.
All Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) grades are calculated into this cumulative districtwide GPA.

* President’s Honors Scholars may end the semester with a GPA below 3.25 so long as that GPA is above 3.0. They will then be on probation until they get their GPA back above 3.25.

Honors Students will need to take at least 3 Honors credit hours each fall and spring semester to continue participating in the Honors Program. 

The Honors Office handles enrollment into Honors course sections. Students will need to select one of our Honors courses and start dates on the application form. We ask that students apply to the Honors Program 10 days before their semester start date.

In-Person dual and dental students may enroll in regular in-person courses and have them converted into Honors classes so long as they apply to the Honors Program while there is at least 10 weeks left in their semester.

Yes, students can take classes at multiple colleges.
However, they can only receive a scholarship at one college at a time. Students are advised to apply to the Honors Program at the college where they will be taking the majority of their credit hours (you can change colleges each semester if necessary, if necessary). 

Note: Each college may have different deadlines and procedures for accepting and enrolling students.

  • President’s Honors Scholars must remain enrolled in 12 credit hours each fall and spring, and 3 of those credits must be Honors.
  • Honors Achievement Award recipients must remain enrolled in at least 6 credit hours each fall and spring, and 3 of those credits must be Honors.

That’s okay. The Honors Office can re-enroll students if they are dropped from a class for non-payment. Any fees and remaining tuition must be paid before re-registering for dropped courses.

Students can go to their Student Center at my.maricopa.edu, log in, and scroll to the middle of the page where they should see an account summary with a list of fees that need to be paid.
Click on the drop down menu and select “Account Activity” to open an itemized list of transactions.  Anything labeled “OOS” is an out-of-state charge.

The Admissions and Registration department can assist students with correcting inaccurate residency information.

Yes, but students can only receive one scholarship at a time.

Recent high school graduates who are receiving the Presidents' Honors Scholarship (PHS) are not eligible for the Honors Achievement Award (HAA) until they have completed their PHS scholarship.
Dual enrollment students who received the HAA can apply for the PHS award after they graduate from high school.

The Presidents' Honors Scholarship must be applied for within two academic semesters following high school graduation or completion of an equivalent secondary educational program. 

The Honors Achievement Award can be applied for at least 10 days before a student’s fall or spring semester is set to begin. 

In-person dual enrollment or dental students can apply after their in-person classes have started, so long as there are 10 weeks left in their semester.

Students on F1 Visas are eligible to apply for the Honors Achievement Award with an I-94 on file.

For all students, an HB2008 State Residency Form (Declaration of Residency) must be completed to receive the scholarship funds.

You can contact via:
Or email us at RioSalado.Honors@riosalado.edu
Or give us a call at 480-517-8521
We ask students to please leave a detailed message with their name, MEID, and the specific reason for the call. Leaving a detailed message allows the Honors Office to return the call with the requested information and resources.