Tutoring Services


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Tutoring Services at Rio Salado

Tutoring Services at Rio Salado

Rio Salado College (RSC) offers free, student-centered, in-person, and live virtual tutoring sessions for currently enrolled RSC students.  We provide learning strategies to help you become an independent and successful learner and take charge of your own learning. Our tutors can help you understand material and assignments, walk you through an example similar to your homework, or aid in constructing study guides to prepare for quizzes and exams.

In-person Tutoring
  • In-person tutoring is on a "drop-in" basis, and the tutor will split time between students if more than one student is present.
  • Tutors may be in-person or virtual due to personal or medical situations.
  • In-person tutoring is available at the Tempe and Northern locations.
  • You can contact the Tutoring Desk at 480-517-8304, or email them at tutoring@riosalado.edu, to determine if the tutor for your subject will be at the Tutoring and Learning Center.

Tutoring Schedule

Virtual Tutoring
  • This service is coordinated by our Tutoring Desk. Click the button below to complete the request form for virtual tutoring.
  • Tutoring appointments for virtual students will be in one-hour blocks. Please wait to schedule an additional appointment until you finish the currently scheduled appointment.

Request One-on-One Virtual Tutoring*

*Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your tutoring appointment, please email us at least two (2) hours before your tutoring session. If you cancel within two (2) hours of your appointment, it will be considered a "Late Cancel." If no email is received to cancel your appointment it will be considered a "No-Show." Two (2) "No-Show" or "Late Cancel" instances will impact your ability to make future tutoring appointments.

Note: We also offer additional online tutoring via BrainFuse, our third party tutoring service. BrainFuse provides help in several disciplines, including business, computer and technology, English, health sciences, math, nursing, science, Spanish and much more! You can choose to chat with a tutor, submit a question for quick help, or submit writing assignments for editing.

Tutoring from BrainFuse