Tutoring Through BrainFuse


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Tutoring Through BrainFuse

Tutoring Through BrainFuse

BrainFuse is a third party service contracted by Rio Salado to tutor students. Brainfuse provides help in several disciplines, including business, computer and technology, English, health sciences, math, nursing, science, and Spanish.

Working with BrainFuse:

  • BrainFuse provides a website with a schedule of when their tutors are available
  • Tutoring is offered 24 hours a day for several subjects; other subjects may have limited hours 
  • You can choose to work with a tutor, submit a question for quick help, or submit an essay for review
  • BrainFuse does not have access to RioLearn, your assignments, or any textbooks used at Rio Salado
  • Be prepared to ask specific questions about your assignment to help the tutors find an answer 
  • Tutors are only available through the BrainFuse Chat to communicate
  • There is a 960-minute per month time limit using BrainFuse

Logging Into BrainFuse

  1. Click the button below to go to the BrainFuse site.
  2. Select Login on the BrainFuse site.  Note: This will temporarily take you to RioLearn to log into both sites.
  3. Select how you would like to interact with BrainFuse.

Specific questions about your assignment, such as the location of links or expectations, should be directed to your instructor.

Login to BrainFuse