Tutoring Services Policies


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Tutoring Policies

Tutoring Policies

The Tutoring and Learning Center has established the following policies to provide tutoring services to you in a fair and consistent manner.

  • Tutoring services are for currently enrolled students or future students. This includes dual enrollment, GED students, or students preparing for a placement exam. 
  • Virtual tutoring sessions are by appointment only. Email us at tutoring@riosalado.edu to request a virtual session. Same-day requests are welcomed and encouraged! 
  • In-person services are on a "drop-in" basis and no appointment is needed. You may occasionally need to wait to see a tutor. However, the center does have computer stations and quiet study rooms to use while you wait (and any other time the center is open).
  • For in-person services, we require students to check-in by signing in and out electronically at the Tutoring and Learning Center using your MEID.
  • Virtual students will be asked to provide their name, class, lesson, and MEID to request services.
  • Food and drinks are placed in a designated area away from computers. 
  • Silence your phone before entering the center. Cell phone use is not allowed.

Putting Students First

The role of the tutor is to equip you with skills and tools to succeed in your learning journey. We provide a holistic approach to your success by fostering meaningful relationships with our staff, students, and faculty. We provide learning strategies to help you become an independent and successful learner and take charge of your own learning. Tutors can help you review material, walk you through an example similar to your homework, or aid in constructing study guides to prepare for quizzes and exams. 

In order to comply with our faculty, tutors are not able to help with quizzes, exams, mid-terms, or final projects.  

Tutors will not: 

  • Perform line-by-line correction, editing, or proofreading of your assignment
  • Check your assignment 
  • Complete your homework and assignments
  • Teach the course material 
  • Teach material that is not included in your coursework
  • Cover a semester’s worth of work in the days leading up to your final exams
  • Comment on your instructor’s feedback or grades

Before You Go: Students’ Responsibility

To get the most out of your tutoring session, be prepared before you attend. Prepared means:

  • You have read the assigned lesson(s) and made an honest attempt to complete as much of the assignment as you can
  • Coming with questions regarding your assignments or lesson materials
  • Bringing any items you will need for the tutoring session, such as textbooks or calculators

Cancellation Policy for Virtual Appointments

If you need to cancel your virtual tutoring appointment, please email us at least two (2) hours before your tutoring session. If you cancel within two (2) hours of your appointment, it will be considered a "Late Cancel." If you miss your virtual appointment without prior notification, your appointment will be considered a "No-Show." Two (2) "No-Show" or "Late Cancel" instances will impact your ability to make future tutoring appointments.