About Us


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About Us

Rio Salado College is proud to have a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council (DEIB). The DEIB Council is dedicated to upholding the DEIB Philosophy Statement and the Mission, Vision, Values of Rio Salado College. Our diverse group of faculty and staff from throughout the college are engaged in program planning, policy review, and professional development to ensure all members of our Rio family can thrive.

Our Council will continue to evolve as we develop over time through education and sharing of ideas. You will find resources which include books, podcasts, and other items to explore in your own learning process. You will also find videos of past events Rio Salado College hosted in case you were unable to attend. Visit the calendar of events and you’ll see the many holidays celebrated around the world and monthly celebrations Rio offers. Please join us at these events to learn from guest speakers and members of our Rio community as they share their experiences and knowledge. Explore our Ally Building page to gain knowledge and understanding about what it means to be an ally to those who have different lived experiences. We use ally building to understand and celebrate all members of the Rio family.

The DEIB Council is always open to feedback, ideas, and suggestions to support us in our efforts toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Please share with us at the office.president@riosalado.edu. Our work continues and your feedback will make us a stronger and more successful community of learners!