President's Advisory Council


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President's Advisory Council

The purpose of the Rio Salado College President’s Advisory Council is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between Rio Salado and the business and community leaders who, as advisory council members, serve as advocates of the college.

Members share their insights concerning trends, opportunities, collaborative partnerships and Rio Salado’s strategic initiatives. Council members network with peers, become connected with the college and increase their awareness of the value of Rio Salado and its programs.

Advisory council members are representative of Rio Salado’s partnerships with employers, community-based organizations, state and municipal agencies and other educational institutions.

This diverse constituency provides the president and executive team with perspectives related to the college’s strategic priorities, helps identify new opportunities and markets and provides advice and assistance related to external challenges and political issues.

The advisory council meets twice each year. Each meeting agenda includes a college update presented by the president, a college initiative or partnership program presented by a member of the Rio team or an advisory council member, followed by a focused question and answer discussion.